Frui Awards FTB Portrait Competition

Frui, the creative learning holiday specialist, has awarded followtheboat winner of the August  Photography competition. The competition is held monthly and the theme changes each time. This month’s theme was Portrait and my winning shot features a picture I took in Kekova Roads, Turkey, of an old lady.

When I tried to take this shot the lady indicated that she was too old for the camera, saying her face was ‘broken’. I beg to differ: it’s one of the most interesting close-up portraits I’ve taken. You can see the shot in full at this link or check below for a screen-grab.






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4 thoughts on “Frui Awards FTB Portrait Competition”

  1. Well done again! Ah, what a story those lines on her face could tell – wisdom and hard work in her many years
    of life. (A little like me – ha ha)

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