Flying Bats and Missing Cats

George of 'Cowrie', Jamie and Liz shock Val from 'Eagle's Nest'
George of 'Cowrie', Jamie and Liz shock Val from 'Eagle's Nest'

Introduction to the Summer Log, 2008

In the past FTB has entertained our family and friends with blow-by-blow accounts of our sailing (mis)adventures. This summer, however, we’ve taken a chill-pill and reclined to a horizontal position to relax in the bays of Goçek and Fethiye. With the laptop barely seeing the light of day and the camera collecting a layer of dust we thought we’d get off our backsides and put a little something together for our readers. And when I say ‘we’, that includes some words of wisdom from Millie.

The bays of Goçek and Fethiye have been likened to the Solent in the UK. A great big playground for yotties, without the fetch and tide. With three sets of guests coming to visit this was the perfect location to base ourselves for a couple of months before heading further east. We thought we’d write the log a little differently this time, however, and make it more of a Cruisers Guide To Fethiye And Goçek as opposed to tales of drunken nautical antics. Don’t let that put you non-yotties off though as there are loads of pics and observations to cheer up your lunch-hour. Read about The Kebab Hospital and a rubbish pilot who got a town named after him.


Oh, I almost forgot to mention International Rescue. Probably because it’s mildly embarrassing, but as long as Gina from ‘Impulse’ is around, armed with her bacon and mint sauce, you know you are in good hands.


One of the places we’ve been frequenting, Yacht Plaza Hotel, gets a special mention. In fact it has inspired me to revive the Through The Porthole feature of The Porthole newspaper we worked on where I interview a member of the sailing community. I thought I’d start with local girl Banu, a wee slip of a thing who, along with her brother, has re-designed her family hotel into a resort and marina. Read about corruption and deception at this sailor’s paradise!


We finish with the story of the summer. Our cat is already well known amongst the live-aboards here in Turkey, but she has now made herself infamous. Not only has she been writing quite a bit of the log, which is an amusing way of looking at our summer cruising through a different pair of eyes, she’s also being a complete drama queen. Millie goes missing. We did tell you she’s a Turkish Princess…

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