Fishing and cooking on board our sailboat

We carry on fishing and trolling off the back of the boat with success. Liz catches ’em, Jamie despatches ’em! This was a feisty barracuda which gave Jamie a run for his money when he took the hook out. But it was worth it for the smiling thank yous we received from our military patrol crew when we gave it to them.

Jamie talks about some of our camera equipment in this one and Liz discusses the situation in Sabah and Malaysia regarding the pandemic. Strangely, we’re in the exact same position at the time of writing this.

It’s then on to a return trip to Turtle Island when, once again, we’re hit by squalls. But Liz isn’t phased as she sits back to enjoys a Cointreau and watch the storm.

Peace and fair winds!
Jamie and Liz xx

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2 thoughts on “Fishing and cooking on board our sailboat”

  1. Always love your videos. If I could choose one boat to be on with all the YouTube channels, I would use yours because I would learn the most about full-time cruising. Never met you, but love you guys.

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