Fish And Lures, But Not Together

The next day was fueled by another superbly fresh Turkish breakie and the anticipation of moving from the current mooring and getting out on Esper. This was to be a very short hop of about 1 nautical mile to Marti Marine but when we were getting ready to set sail the wind started coming up and lo and behold we did get out for a sail reaching speeds of 7 knots and a distance of 8 nautical miles and of course the lures were out the back of the boat as well so all was good, apart from the fishing.  Great to get out and actually have a proper sail on our 2nd day.

We had a cracking meal at the Marti Marine restaurant with a table as about as close to the water as one could get. Our friend Siobhan arrived that evening about 3am, eventually finding us somehow after wandering round the marina for a few hours.  Finding a boat is a bit trickier than turning up at the foyer of a hotel, especially when the concierge are all passed out.

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