First Tinker To Sail The Red Sea?

OK, it’s a bold claim. Maybe it’s just my way of showing off but yesterday we launched our Tinker, complete with sailing kit, and went for her maiden voyage! Is she the first Tinker ever to sail in the Red Sea? Who knows?

Thanks to the assistance of Cillian of ‘Cobble’ we made some repairs to the rigging and hopped in for a cruise around the bay. And very nicely she sailed too, even close to wind. Even more impressive is the fact I’ve managed to upload a video clip of this grand event too!

Video clip, below. Just hit the ‘play’ button.

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3 Comments on “First Tinker To Sail The Red Sea?”

  1. Hi,
    You look great Jamie, sailing that Tinker around the marsa,I wonder which marsa that is? so I can figure out your progress down the red sea..This video only tells me that you still are quite near Hurghada,if Im correct,but I still wonder which one..Please give us your positions as well with your stories mate,I hope liz is well,hello’s to Millie,dont get her fat..All the best from Bodrum..

  2. Hi Yener,

    Great to hear from you! You can see the location of almost every log entry by checking the ‘Ship’s Log’ in the right-hand column where you can view the lat and lon. Millie, alas, is being spoiled on a diet of fish heads and tails so she’s carrying a bit of excess baggage, just like her dad!

  3. Nice! The tinker looks superb, especially with that superb backdrop! How I envy you…

    Regardto Millie – and don’t get over-enthusiastic with the fish, who wants a chubby moggy?

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