Finding safe anchorage in the spectacular Gulf of Tomini

We leave the Togean archipelago, simply one of the most spectacular places we have visited since we went full-time into this cruising life 16 years ago. So now, as we headed south, we had to find safe anchorages in the spectacular Gulf of Tomini.

Gulf of TominiBut it didn’t take long for our minds to turn to the problem of navigating our way through the islets, shoals and reefs of the Gulf of Tomini.

In a place with no pilot or cruising guide, and less than a handful of tentative anchorages marked on the charts, we would be using all our skills. The harbours and bays looked great, but the depths were alarming.

Gulf of Tomini

A maze of islets and reefs

This seldom-visited area isn’t on any regular sailing passage, so there was no-one to advise or help us with a route through the uninhabited islands and islets.

Gulf of Tomini

SY Esper at anchor on the reef’s edge

In the vlog (see link below) we demonstrate how we decide which route to take and where to anchor in such isolated places.

Gulf of Tomini

Night-time in the uninhabited islets

With capricious winds and currents, we needed all our skills and experience to find a safe place to drop the hook in this remote area of the world.

Gulf of Tomini

Tranquil sunset in the Togeans

Click for lots more information about the Togean archipelago.


As you will see in the video, we are the only boat at anchor for literally hundreds of miles. Watch the full episode here…

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