Fair Winds, Jumpa Lagi!

Tomorrow we leave on an epic journey, and if the winds are in our favour…

…we may get further than the horrific Equator trip of last week! We hope to be updating our progress via satphone, which will log our position on a map. Check out our progress over the next few weeks as we sail the 1,400 mile trip from the Maldives to Malaysia.

With thanks to Pa Furlong who will be updating our progress as and when we can send him a text, and a big shout to Fiona of Roam II who has agreed to text us weather updates.

Stay well, everyone, and catch you on the other side. Jumpa lagi!

Click here for our progress map.

[title size=”5″]A photograph of myself with my parents, taken on their recent visit to the Maldives.
We will still be blogging about this trip as it’s a gentle contrast to our recent escapade! More to come…[/title]

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7 Comments on “Fair Winds, Jumpa Lagi!”

  1. Hi guys! What a difference a few days can make! We did the same route at the end of April and it was a milk-run…
    The boat is now in Mauritius and I am on my way for a home visit.
    Hope your voyage to Malaysia goes well, it is the southwest monsoon!

    1. Not without its problems, Miki, but a far better trip than our previous one! I assume you are now safely tucked up in Madagascar. Well done!

  2. 6 18.07N 99 51.02E

    So you’re docked in Langawi now? You should have a good time there, I went a couple of years ago with the family and it’s a nice little island. Cheap beer too!

    You should definitely make a point of checking out the marine conservation park at the north of the island, it’s really good.

    1. Thanks for the message, Keith. Nice to get some insider knowledge on the place. We’re only just starting to relax and discover why people like it here so much. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the cheap booze!

  3. A tip I can give you if you need a break from sleeping on the boat is that nice hotels can be really cheap. We stayed in a 5 star place, with 3 swimming pools, a nice beach, big comfortable rooms, tennis courts. Because it is low season some incredible bargains can be had if you book online.

    Not all the facilities were open as when it was low season. The gym was shut ,the wet bar wasn’t open, and there was a little building renovation going on, But at $50 US a room a night, I’m not inclined to complain! As it was a 5 star place the restaurants and bars there were quite expensive, we just mostly ate at the local restaurants. You can eat very well, very economically in Malaysia, no need to pay $20 for a burger and chips!

    Another thing to do is to check if the Langkawi Sky Bridge is open. It was shut, when we were there, but it’s supposed to be very impressive.

    My only negative Langkawi related experience was on the fast ferry back to Penang. Some scrot stole my expensive (Oakley style) sunglasses on the boat whilst I was asleep!

    I’m sure you’ll have a great time there. Malaysia is a pretty cool country to visit, there are lots of great places to visit, getting around is cheap, public transport outside KL (KL is terrible for public transport) is terrific and good value, mid range hotels are very good value, the people are interesting, helpful and friendly, the food is generally terrific.

    Biggest downside is the price of booze, outside Langkawi it is very expensive, due to the ‘sin tax!’

    The highlight of my first trip was visiting the Perhentian Islands on the east coast. I’ll never forget the snorkelling over there. Swimming with millions of techni-coloured fish, sharks, rays, turtles. The fruit bats that were huge, the metre long monitor lizards that I’d see walking about the island. Perhentian islands were amazing, but when I visited it was over 15 years ago so things may have changed, I’d check for more up to date information.

    1. Hi Keith. Really appreciate you taking the time out to offer these tips. We’ll be here in Langkawi for a while so they should come in useful. Thanks for posting.

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