Liz & I were exhausted from our week with Jay and Orla so we planned to take some time out and relax in preparation for our next guest, Emma. Perhaps subconsciously we knew what that week would have in store for us so we hid away in Bitez for the week! The only problem we had was a worsening gear box which eventually gave up the ghost half way through the week.

A few panic telephone calls later we decided to take the boat back to Yat Lift. I called the manager there and told him about the situation – that the reverse was not engaging. We quickly motored over to Yat Lift and I called again to let the manager know we were approaching. He appeared on the jetty on his own! I shouted out to him that it was going to take more than him to stop the boat so he grabbed two workers and they readied themselves for our approach. As we came alongside Liz threw the bow line and me the stern line. Of course the boat was still going forwards so I turned to see the manager just standing there with the line in his hand! He shouted at me to stop the boat and I shouted back “I don’t have a reverse gear!” That’s why we’re here, you buffoon! All the while Esper continued to move ever closer to that nasty concrete wall and depths of half a metre! I shouted at him again to get the sodding line round a cleat damn quick. Finally the situation dawned on him and quickly got that line round a post, seconds before Esper was about to smash into the wall.

Bitez beach
Bitez beach

It was a worrying time, waiting in Yat Lift for 24 hours whilst the Man brothers set to and worked on the gear box. With Emma arriving in a few days we desperately needed to get back out into the water with a fully functioning boat. Fortunately it was a small problem that required no spare parts and before we knew it we were off again and back to Bitez.

Whilst in Bitez we familiarised ourselves with the New Season restaurant. If ever you are in Bitez we thoroughly recommend this place since the waiters are in a class of their own! They remember names, are extremely funny and look after you well. Ask for Mustafa but don’t ask for a Shady Lady. Their cocktails are shite.

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