To celebrate 2015, we are giving away Esper T shirts!

Happy holidays!

It’s nearly 2016, and all over the world people are preparing to celebrate the end of this year. We hope you are looking forward to ringing in the new!

Of course, before then many of us like to get together to swap presents with friends. Sadly, for reasons beyond our control we are both on opposite sides of the globe this year, and can’t enjoy our usual special day. So we thought it would be nice to extend the seasonal tradition of exchanging gifts to include every one of our followtheboat subscribers across the world.

This year, several followers wanted to send us donations as a way of saying thanks for time work we do in telling our story, so we dipped our toes into the world of collective sponsorship and set up a Patreon account. We started with eight fantastic patrons and the figure has now grown to 79! Compared to other vloggers with ten times the number of patrons as us, we are small potatoes. But we love what we do and find that having these special Patreons rooting for us and encouraging us to get better brings us real joy.

Two twits in hats
Two twits in hats

If you’ve been thinking about supporting us or want to give us a pat on the back, now’s the perfect time to join the club. Anything from $2 per month is all it takes and will be the best present we could ever hope for. In return we’ll send you a precious Esper T Shirt, normally exclusively reserved for crew. Just sign up by the end of the year, then send an email to with the subject line “I want my exclusive t-shirt now!”

We wish you peace and happiness in 2016.

Fair winds!

Liz, Jamie and Millie-the-cat

Patreon Link

There are a number of log entries on our Patreon page that are only visible to Patreon subscribers. Sign up today, get an Esper t-shirt and access to all the posts.

If you like our content and would like to support us, we will give you ad-free access to our videos before they go live to the public, discounts in our shop, access to Jamie’s iconic full-res photographs, and supporter-only blog posts. Click our ugly mugs for more info!

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