Pong and Liz celebrate six months in the yard

Esper Refit 6 Month Round-up

We’ve been in the yard for six months now, and this week’s round-up, which covers all the work so far, coincides with Jamie’s return. The ceiling is going up and the mast is being dressed.

Weekly Video Round-Up

Six months in sixteen minutes. Well, more of a catch up from the last few weeks.

A Sneaky Peek

Here’s a sneaky peek at our interior. It’s coming along nicely and that companionway ladder looks fantastic but there’s still much to do.

A sneaky peek at our interior - still a way to go

Ceiling Goes Up

We’re getting rid of our horrible vinyl-covered ceiling and going for larger boards to be covered in laminate. You’ll also notice below that we’re creating channels between each section, which is where we’re putting the LED strip lights.

Ply backboards are fitted for the boat's ceiling

Stainless Work

This is Yoong, who is our master stainless man. He’s a diamond and is doing all our stainless work. If I remember rightly he’s welding aluminum in this picture.

Yoong of PSS Satun doing some aluminum welding

The dining table is almost ready and Yoong has fabricated a pedestal to Un’s design. The pedestal allows the table to move up and down.

Stainless pedestal for the saloon coffee table

What’s Next?

We’re whittling down the number of people working on Esper now as the focus shifts from cosmetics to redressing the boat. We made good progress on the main mast but we’ve got a problem with a blocked conduit at the moment. The ceiling should be finished the carpenters can start looking at those many deck fittings.

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9 thoughts on “Esper Refit 6 Month Round-up”

  1. Lovely to see how well it’s coming on. It looks really great. You’ll be pleased to know that your niece/nephew (Ickle Pickle) is coming along well too and is just as old as your refit! Just had a check up and all looking good. Hope you guys are well…

  2. Well done. Looking like everything is coming along really well and will show everyone up in the anchorage. Love the lighting strips. Excellent idea and will be really good for both regular white lighting and the night time needs of red.

    Only one criticism! Line up the bolt heads on the mast. The slots all point in different directions. And what’s this about limited video updates. Sorry, you have built up an audience and where would you be without the audience to encourage you on to greater heights? I personally am looking forward to many more video updates.

    1. Not sure what you mean by ‘bolt heads on the mast’ but it’s all being put back as was. On a more serious note, coping with our audience has always been a problem, Tony. Liz is constantly hassled for autographs outside the yard whilst I have to contend with so much fan mail from young ladies that we’ve had no option but to reduce our video updates. Seriously though, I’ll just be adding them as and when. Six days a week in the yard is fine, but to spend the seventh day editing videos leaves me no time to respond to all my girlie fans.

  3. Watching this update video has been the highlight of my day. Here in England we are experiencing a typically wet Bank Holiday Monday.

    What great progress on Esper’s refit – very smart.

    1. If it’s any consolation, Ma, I was told they had very little rain in my absence. Since I’ve been back it’s rained every day. Still, at least I can cruise on the scooter in shorts and flip flops, whatever the weather.

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