Esper Refit 43-44 – Totem’s fund raiser; bow roller installed

PSS Workers children

We said goodbye to s/y Totem this week but not before Behan pulls off an amazing fund-raiser for the workers kids. We also visit the workers’ homes next to the boatyard.

Weekly Video Round-Up

We actually have a boat progress report with Liz’s return. We also witness Behan’s fund-raising results and we take a look at the workers’ homes next to the boatyard.

Bow Roller Bedded

Having removed the teak deck the bow roller fitting no longer fitted. With approx. 8mm lost in the overall depth of the deck, we needed to make a bed for it. This Ton did out of ply, which was then painted. It took some cunning shaving for it to fit the profile of the deck, which is curved at the front. It’s also one of the few deck fittings where we used Sikaflex 291 instead of the butyl tape.

$1300 raised in five days for the workers kids

Workers and children from PSS Shipyard Satun

Behan of Sailing Totem has been hard at work raising funds for the worker’s kids. You can read all about how it came about by visiting this link. In a nutshell, she published a cute picture of one of the yard worker’s kids riding a scooter. The response from her followers was ‘I’d like to buy a kid a scooter too’, and so she put together a fund-raiser that managed to raise over $1300 in less than a week.

On Thursday Behan and Julie from PSS got together the parents and the children from the yard (many of the workers live next door to the yard) and presented them with school uniforms, bikes, scooters, pens, pencils, footballs and even a skateboard. Pizza was supplied by Bobby’s Pizza.

PIzza supplied by Bobby's Pizza of Satun

Every child received a set of wheels and money was also given to the parents to help pay for sundries.

Behan's Kids and Kittens Fund Raiser








Local workers

Visiting the workers’ homes

The next day I interviewed Julie whilst visiting the workers’ homes next to the yard. You can catch it all in the video.

Workers from PSS

Workers from PSS

What’s Next?

Tent down, masts up?

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8 Comments on “Esper Refit 43-44 – Totem’s fund raiser; bow roller installed”

  1. “It is better to give than receive” – heart warming to see the smiles of happiness on the children’s faces.


    1. Indeed, they were very pleased. Next morning we were awoken by a cacophony of sounds as the kids whizzed past on their wheels.

  2. Well done Behan! That’s brought tears to my eyes! I hope you are both well and have a good time despite Millie being unwell. I hope she gets better soon. Love, G

    1. Hi Gav. Yes, it’s quite emotional just watching it; being there was fantastic. Behan did a great job. No improvement on Millie, sadly.

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