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Esper Refit 38 – swim platform brackets; installing the rudder

The swimming platform is pushed through the transom and into custom-made brackets, counterpoising it. We clean up the Aquadrive and coupling system and take a look at the veneer that’s been varnished with polyurethane.

Weekly Video Round-Up

Pong introduces this week’s clip with a large measure of yadong.

Swimming platform and brackets

Yoong has been hard at work this week. First he completed the fixing brackets for the swimming platform, pictured here:

Welding the swimming platform brackets

With the help of the other workshop employees he offered up the platform, measured it and then cut it to size. Here you get a glimpse of what it’s going to look like, complete with the backing plates.

Esper's swimming platform

Oyster 435 Chainplates

The Oyster 435 is a beautifully designed boat, but one of the most common issues with the 435 was the chainplate design. They were notorious for leaking. With this in mind we have capped the top of the chainplate to help reduce any sideways movement.

Oyster 435 chain plate

Butyl Tape Extrusion

We’ve talked a lot about butyl tape recently. This is one of the cleats installed with a new bedding plate, sealed with butyl tape. This is how much the stuff extrudes after two days.

Butyl tape extrusion

Cleaning up the Aquadrive and coupling

Before the mechanics could put the engine back together we had to clean up the coupling and Aquadrive (these are the parts that connect the shaft to the transmission). They were in need of a cleanup and Dang’s done a pretty good job. We had to the replace the bearings in the Aquadrive too.

Aquadrive and coupling

More veneer and varnishing

Dang plods along with the varnishing, the idea being to end up with a completely smooth finish on the veneer. Talking of veneer, we had to purchase some more so Ton could finish up various bits and pieces, including the chart table area and the covers for the chainplate bolts.

Veneer and varnishing

More painting

Finally, another glimpse of our engine (and I specifically asked them not to paint the alternator!)…

Engine painted in Awlgrip Matterhorn White

… and the teak beds which you can see in the cleat picture, above.

Teak beds painted with Awlcraft Snow White

What’s Next?

I think I’m being presumptuous when I say I’ll have the deck fittings finished, but I live in hope.

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  1. Wonder if that alternator will still function with all that paint on it!

    Everything coming along nicely although grinding exceeding slow-there will be a sudden rush I am sure, especially when the boss gets back. Ha Ha

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