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Esper At Anchor On Komodo Panorama

Our supporters get access to our high-res images, delivered directly to their Dropbox account, so if you feel left out, fear not! Here’s an image for everyone, depicting Esper at anchor all on her lonesome in the Komodo national park. If you missed our blog posts, you can check them out here for more stories of our time there. This particular image was taken as we were leaving the park and was our last anchorage, looking south east. Unsurprisingly it was one of the most peaceful anchorages in the area!

The image is free for you to download, provided it is used for non-commercial purposes only. But we warned, it is massive! It’s over 9,000 pixels wide and weighs in at 43MB. We’ve kept it this big so you may zoom in to see the detail, but do what you want with it. You can download the image here. Can you see any Komodo Dragons?

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