Would you buy this water-maker?


Would you buy this water-maker? Would you buy any water-maker?

We’ve had our Schenker water-maker since 2009. It’s had some replacement parts, been given a lot of care and attention and is still doing good work. Thirty-five litres an hour of water has always provided enough to drink and keep ourselves clean for prolonged periods at anchor. But should we be looking for a new one? And if so, would we choose the system that our friend Graeme has just bought for his boat?

how to repair a dinghy

From $1 a month to a $100 gift, there are three ways to support us…

Check out Graeme’s new water-maker in Episode 256, linked below. We’d be interested to hear your views in the comments on the surprisingly contentious subject of water-makers.

Getting jobs finished in the marina

We said goodbye to two friends who had been with us for more than a year in Malaysia. Lee and Jason’s 2,500 mile fast passage home from Sabah to Darwin through Indonesia during lockdown was long and difficult. With no option to check in anywhere during the journey, they only stopped for rest at a couple of remote anchorages along the way. In the episode, we say goodbye to them at the marina and hear from them along the way. There sailboat is now up for sail in Australia. Check it out here.

Click on the link below for the full video.

Thanks for popping along.

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie

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2 Comments on “Would you buy this water-maker?”

  1. Jamie & Liz,

    Very interesting video about the Rainmaker watermaker. Currently we have 12V Katadyn system that has seved us well. The only issue we’ve had is of our own making. The intake shares the same thruhull as the fridge and as a result, when we need to make water we need to turn the fridge off or else the watermaker cavitates an makes a hell of a racket and the water quality drops due to low water intake pressure. We’ll address this the next time we haul out by adding a separate and dedicated thruhull for the watermaker system.

    With that said, RainMaker makes a whole line of watermakers and if we were to replace our current system we would strongly consider the 12v RainMaker.

    One of the district addvantages we have is to be able to make water while underway. On long passages that is a requirement for us. We still have the Indian and Atlantic Oceans in front of us. 🙂 ~~~_/)~~~

  2. We have a permanently installed 120 volt system with two 48 inch pressure vessels (120 liters/31 US Gals. per hour). We run it with a Westinghouse 2500 generator that also is used to charge lithium ion battery when needed. Also charge with solar. We make water once a week.

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