Things never go to plan in a boatyard

Cruisers will tell you that things never go to plan in a boatyard. Sailboats are seldom hauled out to do one job. And we know that once we start looking seriously underneath SY Esper, all kinds of problems we hadn’t anticipated will reveal themselves and get added to that ever-expanding list.

It was about time to give the flexible coupling a service, so Jamie removed it and treated it to a complete overhaul, with a little tip from Roy about applying rust converter…

With a newly gleaming flexible coupling back in place, Jamie was ready to re-install the drive system, but each time he thinks he’s cleared the final hurdle, another issue pops up. We were so close, but not quite there. Then along comes Jackson (sounds like a song title!), one of those gurus you always meet in a boat yard. Would he be able to to save the day?

And just as a reminder of how talking to camera is not always easy, Jamie’s included some candid footage of what we go through to make it look like we know what we’re talking about. Yes, there’s bickering!

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