Five months staring at the walls – can we get out of here?

We’re preparing to leave the marina after 5 months of staring at the walls. Does this mean we can we actually go sailing? At least we get to have some fun on the dinghy with a 2.5nm hike across open water to a nearby national park. It’s our first taste of the ocean in five months!

Magda packing for a day exploring by dinghy

The Malaysian RMCO (recovery movement control order) is still in place, but the rules are slowly relaxing and one of them means we’re allowed to go out to anchor. There are a few jobs to finish and a bit of fun to be had before it is time to go…

Prop nearly clean…

  • Scraping the hull and prop – does anyone have experience using “Propspeed”?
  • Cleaning deck and stainless
  • Water in petrol of outboard motor
  • Taking a break to a nearby island…by dinghy
  • Checking out…easier than it sounds
  • Puding Calapa (fresh coconut pudding)
  • Millie – leaving without her for the first time
  • How to handle prop walk

Thank you for standing by us while times have got rough, your support is appreciated more than you can know.

Peace and fair winds,

Liz and Jamie xx

Delicious “Puding Calapa”

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2 Comments on “Five months staring at the walls – can we get out of here?”

    1. It certainly is. It’s always good to be out, but sometimes it can be hard for people to move, this is known as “marina-itis”. 😉

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