This is the story of our eleventh hour escape from Thailand to Kuala Lumpur…

While the painters continued to make fast work of the hard dodger roof, Liz woke up remembering that it was about time to renew our visas in Thailand. For just 1900 THB we would extend our stay a further 30 days. Sweet.

It’s a simple process, but the problem was they expired that day. Immediate action was required, but since it was the weekend Immigration was closed. Overstaying our deadline would mean a fine, even being forced to leave and banned from returning for a few months. 😮😟

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After the initial waves of embarrassment, horror and panic washed over us, we settled into the prospect of a mini break in Malaysia’s capital city. After all, we would have had to do a proper visa run to Malaysia for our three month Thai visa at some point, so it actually made sense to go now.

While we love the tranquility of living on the ocean and coastlines, we also enjoy an occasional dip into city life. But we never expected it to be so loud!

Click the image for video:

The dodger roof, meanwhile, was starting to look like Jamie’s vision. We left the painting team back in the marina, faring and smoothing to get it ready for spraying. When we returned we were amazed by the difference, our new hard roof was starting to look pretty good..

PS. While we were away, Millie stayed on Esper where she was given massive love and attention by several of our marina neighbours. Cheers, guys!

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So who’s fault was it? You decide!





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