Does living on a boat get old… and other questions answered

Does living on a boat get old? What’s it like as a western woman travelling in Muslim countries? These are just two of the questions put to us by you that we are answering in a new series of Q&A sessions.

Each week, Liz and Jamie will take it in turns to answer two questions related to living on a boat, from technical to sailing tips to travel and culture. If YOU have a question you’d like us to answer, get in touch or leave a comment.

The first question was put to us whilst Jamie was doing a live stream on Facebook. He was asked if his lifestyle ever gets old. Meanwhile Liz was asked for some tips for western women travelling east to Muslim cultures.

These are straight-talking responses to these questions and the format is in addition to our weekly vlog that comes out every Thursday. We hope you enjoy them.

Does your lifestyle get old?

Travel advice for western women

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4 thoughts on “Does living on a boat get old… and other questions answered”

  1. Hello Jamie, Liz and Millie…

    Just wanted to say HEY from Sandusky, Ohio! My housemate Kyle and I watch every video you upload and love to hear about all your adventures. Kyle is thinking about buying a sailboat one
    day and is very interested in how living on a boat works. Happy sailing y’all;-)

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