Do Sailors Drink Too Much?

[S04E03] Is there any truth to the long-standing stereotype that sailors drink more than the rest of the population? In this podcast, we talk about why Jamie gave up the booze, how this has affected our lives, and reveal the negative side to not drinking. Do you enjoy a tipple, and would you ever consider giving it up? What do you think, do sailors drink too much?

In our video podcast this week, we talk about Jamie’s decision to give up alcohol during lockdown. He discusses why he did this and what it was like. (And Liz explains why she feels comfortable still drinking the occasional beer and a whisky nightcap.)

Along with the positives, we reveal the negative side to no longer being a boozer.

What about you, have you considered cutting down the grog, maybe even giving up altogether? Or are you like Liz, quite happy about your relationship with alcohol.

If you’re thinking of quitting drinking alcohol, we cannot recommend the Try Dry app enough. It really helped Jamie in the early stages.

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2 thoughts on “Do Sailors Drink Too Much?”

  1. Hello there! Am listening to the “Do sailors drink too much?” from somewhere in your past! And really enjoying it!! I seemed to have missed all the social media build up beforehand. (Was just helping a friend sell some oranges on Facebook and saw the link from Liz’s page!)
    Thanks for sharing. Wonderful. Good on you both!

    1. Hello Mate, lovely to hear from you! We publish on FB, Insta and all that cr@p under followtheboat nowadays. J doesn’t use social media and I occasionally post under my own name if I find something interesting. Love from both of us. xx

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