Divanty Has Left The Building

On an overcast and mildly blustery morning there were tears on the pontoon as Antony and Davina of s/y ‘Divanty’ left for the Maldives. Not including Lo of ‘Mistral’, who leads another Vasco Da Gama rally back up the Red Sea, this now leaves just Roam II and Esper from the original rally.

It is a strange feeling and a little sad too, what with spending the last few months having a giggle with the Divanty crew, but we’re happy that they’ve slipped their lines with some favourable winds and are heading somewhere new and exciting.

Good luck, Ants and Div.

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2 Comments on “Divanty Has Left The Building”

  1. So long, Divanty, we will miss you. It’s been a joy getting to know you both. I hope it won’t be long till we meet again in some sunny anchorage somewhere one day…

  2. Thanks for that Liz. It has been a pleasure getting to know you as well and we will miss our sundowners together!! We will raise a glass to you tonight! Enjoy the rest of your time in India and I’m sure you’ll love your travelling. We look forward to meeting up with you again and we will keep in touch, watch what’s happening on your website and listen to your podcasts when we can. Love to you both. Div and Ants.xxxx

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