Dauntingly Strong Winds

Unfortunately we had to head back to Bodrum because Jamie had agreed to do some DJ-ing at a new club there the following day…

Leaving English Harbour - it didn't stay that calm for long!
Leaving English Harbour - it didn't stay that calm for long!

There were some very strong winds on the way which we headed straight into. It wasn’t the pleasantest sailing I have ever done. It was quite hard work. After a while we put the sails away in order to have pasta! Boy, did we need that!

Thoughts of arriving in Bodrum and mooring up in the Marina were very daunting. There was at least 35 knots of wind and the few other boats out and about obviously had the same plan – to get back safely asap. We discussed down to the smallest detail exactly how we would park the boat without hitting any other boats (or our own) against the pontoon. Unfortunately, as I don’t have enough experience in steering it meant that I was going to have to do all the running around as Jamie got us safely alongside…gulp.

We covered every eventuality in our heads, took a deep collective breath and radioed the marina. The staff were all much less laid back and slap dash than usual. In fact they actually looked quite worried. There was a strict queueing system as boats all tried to get in quickly (one Greek skipper was told to wait for an hour outside the harbour).

Eventually we were safely alongside, having had help from 4 marina staff to do so. A well earned drink was then the order of the day.

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