Danish Released, Chandlers Talk & Piracy Poll

Only four days in and already the week has been a busy one on the piracy front. We have three important news items for your perusal:

1. Danish Hostages Released

Danish Hostages ReleasedThe keen-eyed amongst you will have noticed that we Tweeted yesterday the fantastic news that the Danish family, who were captured by pirates six months ago, have been released. Jan Quist Johansen, his wife, Birgit Marie, their sons Rune and Hjalte and their daughter Naja were captured along with two crew on 24 February as their 47ft yacht, ING, was seized in the Indian Ocean while on a round-the-world voyage. The Danish government, however, seemed keen to emphasize that the ransom of $1m was paid by friends of the family, and not the government. According to Charlotte Slent, a Danish foreign ministry spokesperson, all  seven “were released on Tuesday and are doing well under the circumstances.” More info here and here.

2. Chandlers Talk To BBC

Chandlers on BBCWe wanted to embed a clip of the Chandlers who were interviewed by the BBC the other morning but it seems we can’t include it on this page, so instead we suggest checking out the 8 minute interview here, where they talk about their 13 month ordeal. Good on them for getting back on to their boat, Lynn Rival, and no surprise to learn that they’ll be heading for the Caribbean this time! Our thanks to Sam of Cindik for the link.

3. Piracy Update On Facebook And Poll

Finally, our own @piracy_update service has a Facebook page, and to launch it we’ve started a poll where we ask: Does the prospect of piracy in the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea put you off sailing between the Med and the Indian Ocean? If you want to answer the question yourself then head on over to the Piracy Update Facebook Page. And don’t forget to click the ‘Like’button!


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12 Comments on “Danish Released, Chandlers Talk & Piracy Poll”

    1. Yes, and $1m ‘scraped’ together by family and friends in 6 months. Also wasn’t their boat named after and sponsored by ING bank? That’ll get the conspiracy theorists’ minds racing!

  1. I’d go back to Eritrea like a shot, even Somalia and Tanzania — but only if the piracy problem finishes.

  2. hi jamie, did you watch breakfast t v this morning the chanderlers the couple who got caught by the pirates i think they are very brave getting there boat ready and going sailing again. x

    1. Yes, the link to our latest but one article has the very same interview. In spite of what one might think of their past actions you have to give them credit for getting back on their boat and going for it again.

  3. We do like adventures but to do the gulf of aden and arabian sea was a risk, we were lucky but until the gangsters of somalia are dealt with we wouldnt do it again. The Red Sea is an amazing place and would recommend it especially with Lo’s expert knowlege

  4. A recent peruse of the live piracy map shows attacks just outside Cochin — probably local, rather than Somali — and other attacks very close to the Indian coastline near us. I have a funny feeling we’re going to be in India for a while…

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