Dancing With Yemeni Fishermen

I am the first Englishman to dance with Yemeni fishermen. Actually I think the accolade I was awarded by the coastguard who gave me this video clip was that I was the first foreigner to lead a troupe of Yemeni fishermen in dance. Ever.

Don’t worry I’m not being serious, even though the coast guard was. I was quite touched that one of the coastguard-policemen came looking for me to lead me up to Colonel Mohamed’s office to watch this clip. All ten policemen were huddled round a TV with a camera plugged in to it, watching me dance with the fishermen!

The actual event was a leaving ceremony put on by Colonel Mohamed for the Vasco Da Gama rally and the fishermen were breaking out some traditional dance routines to a live band. I have to say they were excellent and the music was pretty cool too. In the podcast called ‘Leaving Aden’, which we’ll publish later on in the year we interview a Yemeni woman who explains in detail what the dancing is about.

Check out the following clip…

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13 Comments on “Dancing With Yemeni Fishermen”

  1. Looks like all those nights spent dancing in Manchester & London clubs have paid off. Bit more exhausting at the ripe old age of 40! 😀

  2. Fantastic, watching that really made me smile. You looked just like your Dad dancing! You could have shown them how to breakdance.

  3. Omigod, there goes Jamie making a spectacle of himself with the locals glad to see Liz was there keeping him on the straight and narrow introducing a few steps herself! What fun! You obviously caused quite a sensation. Great to cross a few cultural barriers and join in. Well done!!! Loved it! Its really neat sharing experinces this way with you. Thank you!!! 😀

  4. Look, I told you about introducing dance culture to those Yemenis – it’ll end in illegal raves and Qat busts.

  5. Put your left leg in, your left leg out, in, out, you shake it all about. Oi!

    Did you unleash the moonwalk, unreal.

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