Dancing Our Way Out Of Yemen

The day before we left Aden we were invited to another leaving do put on by Colonel Mohammed the Coast guard-cum-port police-cum-general bigwig.

We were thrilled to find that they had invited a group of ten young fishermen who were dancing to a live band, performing traditional dance. They then invited the rally participants to join them and Jamie couldn’t resist busting out his moves. One of the coastguards very kindly gave us a video clip of this momentous occasion, telling us that this was the first and only time an English man has danced in routine with Yemeni fishermen! You can see the clip on the website.

After the dance we polled some of the rally participants about their thoughts on the next leg of the trip, which takes us through Pirate Alley.

We also got to chat to a Yemeni woman, covered head to foot in black with just her eyes visible.  Her English is excellent and makes for a great little interview.

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