Damn Drunken Ex-Pats

Chrichriss, Liz’s brother, was over for the week and Liz had clearly had a word with him. Something along the lines of “Jamie’s getting very agitated living on the boat and not being able to go sailing due to lack of available crew so you WILL go sailing with him!”. So Chris ‘volunteered’ for a three day trip that would involve some more anchoring in new locations that I had not yet visited.

We started off with a great sail to Ortakent, though because we were getting the spray hood replaced it was a rather wet affair! Even so the close-hauled trip certainly blew the cobwebs off, especially as Chris and I had had a heavy session on the raki the night before, putting the world to rights.

Anchoring in Ortakent is almost always a simple affair so our first night was spent relaxing at the bar, celebrating someone’s 40th birthday who we’d never met before (it turned out to be Merina, a UK ex-pat who runs Aura Yachting), watching a load of very drunk ex-pats make idiots of themselves on the dance floor. Myself included.

Chris chilling in Ortakent

Chris chilling in Ortakent

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