Cruising Chute Chaos

Not so much to report today other than a botched attempt at flying the cruising chute. After an hour’s preparation we sailed it successfully for five minutes. The truth is that Liz helmed perfectly, keeping the thing filled with enough wind to accelerate by over a knot; then I pushed her off the helm and successfully corkscrewed the sail and messed it all up.


There seems to be a pattern emerging here: every day sail starts with two hours of us dicking around with flappy bits of canvas, trying to find the wind and generally being the last to sort ourselves out. Whatever we try we end up goose-winging in the end and, because the other boats in the rally are only using their foresails, we overtake them. Not because we are better or faster, but because our foresail is so small we wouldn’t get anywhere without the foresail and mainsail combination. Right, that’s enough technical crap, here’s a cool picture of the Sinai mountains…

Mountains of the Sinai

After a great sail we found ourselves in a little natural harbour and, as a reward for conning us in to the tricky entrance, we invited ourselves on board Roam II to finish off the tuna. I diced it and Terry and Liz knocked up a real treat using a secret, magic ingredient of ginger and…well, I can’t tell you otherwise it wouldn’t be a secret, magic ingredient. Believe me though, it was the best tuna dinner and satisfied six very hungry tums. Millie still had a head and a tail to work her way through too.

We left the anchorage early next morning leaving ‘Storm Dodger’, ‘Rhumb Do’ and ‘Cobble’ bathed in a glorious sunrise, framed by the distant Sinai mountains.

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