Lombok Strait

Crossing the Lombok Strait

Sailing wing on wing (aka “goosewing”) when you have a following sea can give a rollicking fast ride anywhere, but across the unpredictable Lombok Strait it doubles the adventure!

In this video, Jamie explains and demonstrates how we pole out the genoa, a powerful way to sail when the wind is behind you. It can be a bit tricky to set up, but with practice allows for a safe, fun passage.

Lombok Strait
Jamie demonstrates the position of the whisker pole

The Lombok Strait is part of the Bali Sea and is notoriously fickle, even impassable on occasion.

We said goodbye to Lombok from the Suites Hotel, Sekotong, in the south-west corner of Lombok. The wait for the seasons to turn had been a time of tranquillity and reflection in this small corner of the world, a place we will never forget.

Lombok Strait
View of SY Esper from The Suites, Lombok

When the south-east trades set in, we set out across the Lombok Strait on the first leg of our long voyage to the Malacca Strait. We had just 1200 miles to go.

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  1. Just sailed across the Bembridge strait over to the Isle of White . Doesn’t have. Quite the same ring to it 😃
    Will watch the video later.
    Still it was in a force 9 gale so we had our own challenges.

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