Commonwealth Baton Passes Through Bolgatty, Cochin

Is this the fastest post ever? Just half an hour ago the Commonwealth Torch passed through Bolgatty Island in full ceremony. One moment I was an observer, the next I’m in amongst the local press snapping away at India’s first female participant of the Commonwealth Games! Welcome to the Queen’s Baton Relay 2010…


Queen's Baton Relay In Bolgatty


It was an unusually busy Sunday in Bolgatty today. Full Flight, Eeyore, Storm Dodger and Rhumb Do are all planning to leave on Tuesday for Thailand and so there was a hive of activity as they rushed around doing their last-minute jobs. Roger was relaxing in the cockpit, enjoying his coffee as he watched Tony running round fixing his (Roger’s) loo!



Meanwhile there was plenty of activity in the water. Day tripper boats and ferries were replaced by Optimists (small sailing dinghies), Darts and river police.



Bolgatty marina had a makeshift tent erected for refreshments to cater for the fifty strong team of athletes who were all taking part in the ceremony. Needless to say there was a strong military and police presence.




Sadly Tony and Pat of Full Flight never did get to take part in the ceremony, as promised yesterday by someone who never reappeared. They made up for it, however, by inviting the kids from the Kerala Watersports And Sailing Organisation on board their boat and had the children squealing with delight as they climbed aboard a ‘proper’ boat. “None of these kids have ever seen anything like it before”, Tony commented. All good fun.


Pat of Full Flight, top left, Captain Jolly Thomas and the Kerala Watersports And Sailing Organisation



And just as the ceremony was leaving, so we were invited to hold the baton for our own photo-shoot!


Monica of Slamat, Pat, Fiona of Roam II, Yours Truly and Tony get to hold the baton!


Oh, and at the flick of a switch the baton lights up in the colours of the Indian flag. I felt like Obi Wan with a lightsabre 😉



I got chatting to Adam Best of Maxxam, the organisers of the Queen’s Baton Relay 2010, who not only kindly organised the photoshoot of us with the baton, but also explained about the event and the many countries the baton has passed through. You can read more on the event at the official website.



Two of the lads from Captain Jolly's 'Kerala Watersports And Sailing Organisation'


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