Christmas presents under $50 for sailors

Is it too early to talk about Christmas? Maybe, but it’s not too early to start Christmas shopping for your #holidayswag… We have five great present ideas for sailors and cruisers. We use these items all the time on SY Esper and you will too if you are lucky enough to receive them in your Christmas stocking.

We are offering a discount for one of our suggestions and you’ve only got ten days to grab it! Read on…

Pocket multi-tool
Liz’s favourite tool

Liz was given this unbranded multi-tool by the owner of a fishing equipment shop in Langkawi. He just slipped it in her bag as a thank you. At first we thought it was the kind of thing you’d find in a Christmas cracker, it is so small. But this useful little gizmo has come in handy on many occasions over the years Liz has carried it on her. And it’s still in good nick. Sadly, as it is not branded anywhere, we cannot give you a link to it. But we have found two options on Amazon which match up pretty well:

Leatherman ‘Squirt’ PS4 – $34.95

Click image to buy online

Gerber 30-000469 Dime Multi-Tool – At the time of writing Amazon are showing a deal on the black version for $19.69

Click image to buy online
Roll-up shopping bag

These bags are sold everywhere, you may already have something like them. We have ten! Our absolute favourite version is this bag made in The Land Down-under by Envirosax. It is tough, carries up to 20kgs (that’s just enough cans for one of Jamie’s beer o’clocks), is fully washable and folds to nothing. Perfect for a sailboat where storage is at a premium.

Click image to buy online

Are you a regular viewer? Do you enjoy our work?  FTBMates is our private members club, for one-on-one chats with us. And to maybe pick up a gift or two:

  • T-shirts and Hoodies
  • Mugs and Dog-tags,
  • Hats and Bags
  • Early-bird access to FTB episodes
  • VIP content
  • Exclusive videos.
  • And YOU could be sailing with us aboard SY Esper!
Silicone trivet

We love our silicone kitchen products, they last for ages on a sailboat. Do you remember the collapsible colander? We use it all the time. This trivet is another item we use every day. It lives on the cooker. Ours comes from Ikea, but you can find almost exactly the same design online. This one looks pretty good to us:

Click image to buy online
Tough camera

OK, so this isn’t under $50. But it’s bloody cheap for an excellent quality underwater camera, so Jamie just squeezed it onto the list. We’ve been using them for years. Olympus keeps updating them and bringing out new models, but Jamie’s favourite is probably still the Olympus Tough TG-4.

Olympus Tough TG-6

At the time of writing, we have sourced the different models online. These are the prices shown, but be aware that they change all the time:

Olympus Tough TG4 – $459.99
Olympus Tough TG5 – $344.99
Olympus Tough TG6 – $349
Olympus Tough TG 850, used (Amazon)- $239.95
Olympus Tough TG 850, used (ebay) – $varies

FTB’s Classic Mug

You can’t have a really good cuppa unless it’s in a ship’s mug, and the FTB classic mug is just about as good as it gets. This is the gift we’re offering from our shop with a discount!

Click image to buy and use the code in the video for your discount

To catch the mug in time for Christmas US customers have until Dec 13 to order for standard shipping. Elsewhere you’ll need to select express shipping.

OR get a FREE MUG by becoming a First Mate (or higher rank) in FTBMates for the same price!  and you’ll also be sent some dog-tags and have access to all sort of other goodies. That’s not a bad bargain, eh?

Thanks for all your support and for encouraging us to keep striving to create better videos.

Peace around the world! 🕊️❄️🎅🎄⛄🎁🕯️🔥🧦
Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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