Chill Out Music Mix 2020 🕊️ Epic 4k Drone Footage

This chill out music mix is a journey into sound. And an epic 4k drone footage adventure through the Mentawai surf islands of Sumatra.

For a free download of the audio version, click here. (Look for the download button in the top-right.)

The project started as a simple music mix using some of the chill-out, ambient electro tunes we’ve showcased in previous episodes. But then we decided to introduce a few new ones. And then we thought, why not add some of the stunning Mavic 2 Pro drone footage which never made it into our episodes? So we created this ambient journey to kick back to and watch, listen or do both.

It is a true reflection of our progress through the Mentawai Islands, starting at Asu, through the Mentawais, around to Krakatoa and finishing in Jakarta. You can watch the playlist of episodes from that adventure here.

For the full 4k experience, watch the video and listen to the tunes here:

TRACKLIST All music from Epidemic Sound
00:05 Reversed Beginning – Luwaks
03:21 Switchblade – Lovren
06:40 Follow the Tracks – Mochas
09:25 Unwind – Short Kip
10:56 Hidden Path – Cerulean Skies
14:13 Gone Slow – Pulsed
16:19 Caracal – Leah Ryder
19:57 Crimp – Hysics
21:45 Tonic Zone – Jay Varton
24:00 Last Stop – Lovren
26:49 Let Down – Issue AB
29:14 Shade in the Sand – Cerulean Skies
32:24 Aftermath – Lagua Vesa
34:45 Silver Rain – Emil Axelsson
38:07 Light in a Corner – Cassa
42:37 Within Its Own Silent Shell – Hampus Naeselius
45:14 Woodland – Lovren
49:18 Movements – Jones Meadow
52:30 Heliolingus – Ooyy

As always, thanks for supporting us and allowing us to share our adventure with you.

Peace, fair winds and stay safe

Liz, Jamie and Millie xxx


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As always, thanks for supporting us and allowing us to share our adventure with you.

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