How to check your boat hull

How to check your boat hull

Do you know how to check your boat hull?

It’s always a slightly unnerving moment when you get to see your hull out of the water, especially after two years with no haul-out. Jamie had regularly scraped off the marine build-up since leaving Thailand in 2018, and all the way through Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo, but it’s not until you get up close in daylight that any problems are clearly visible.

Osmosis has been an issue for us in the past, so the first thing Jamie does is have a good look at the areas which he suspects might have bubbles forming. We know what to do at the first sign of trouble, so it’s right at the top of our checklist.
Then he inspects the prop, anodes, cutlass bearing, seacocks and rudder.

how to check your boat hull
Make sure the boat is adequately supported

But before any work can commence we have learned that it is important to be happy with the way the boat is supported out of the water. A neighbour of ours in Thailand was on the hard for months before he noticed that the hull was sagging, a really nasty problem.
This is part two of the new sailing boat maintenance series…

Part of our new sailing boat maintenance series…

Peace and fair winds!
Liz and Jamie

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