Chavs – They’re Everywhere, Even In Bodrum!

marracRachel and I flew from Gatwick to Bodrum. Everything ran smoothly apart from the chav family taking up two rows in front of us, it consisted of Wayne, Sharon and their six shaven head boys aged between 2 and 12. These lovely children with pieced ears (even the 2 year old), persisted to fart, scream, push chairs back and chuck things over to us, whilst we were trying to watch the in flight entertainment Mr and Mrs Smith. Incidentally the only decent thing about the film is Angelina Jolie in Latex, and just to let you know… you can not shut up a chav family by punching their seats, it only irritates them more!

After a scenic taxi ride from the airport, we met Jamie, Mum and Dad at Bodrum Marina. I fell in love with Esper instantly, especially the wooden decking, the decorative pictures onboard and most importantly the sound system pumping out everything from Blues to Deep House. I now understand why Jamie said good bye to his boat as we went out for a drink in the evening.

A lovely meal at the Yacht club was accompanied by colourful fireworks over the sea. After the food, it was onto the bar where the lethal aniseed drink Raki was on the menu.

Sailing Advice Number 1: Do not overindulge with food and alcohol the day before you intend to sail, I think Dad can vouch for this.

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