We were keen to get out of the marina, but when we started the engine SY Esper had different plans.

So while we sat in the heat awaiting delivery of a new alternator to battery charger, we got to grips with a few jobs like tackling that diesel leak and picking up a new solar panel. The wait wasn’t too long, and we got on our way within a week. Only to be thwarted by the furling gear for our genoa which chose this moment to get stuck.


A bottle of detergent and some hot water did the trick, and we managed a decent sail to a beautiful deserted anchorage next to a small island on the southern tip of Penang. We sat in the cockpit with a beer, watching white-bellied sea eagles soaring above us, then swooping down to feed their young. It was one of those precious moments that as liveaboard cruisers you treasure.

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This week’s destinations:
🗺 Pangkor Marina: 4°12’39.1″N 100°36’06.6″E
🗺 Pulau Kendi: 5°13’49.1″N 100°10’35.3″E

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