Hollywood Beckons: Our TV Interview

Just before we left India Liz and I were interviewed by MarineBiz TV, a global television channel which has been putting together a series of programmes called ‘Sailor’s Diary’. In it each member of the Vasco Da Gama Rally was interviewed and asked about their backgrounds, experience and life at sea. We’ve managed to get hold of a copy and reproduce it here. Do please let us know if television really does put on 10lbs because I’m sure I look slimmer than I feel 😉

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Back To School Round-Up: Kids Projects & Trading Secrets

Got kids? Facebook this week has been awash with proud parents posting up pics of their kids in their new school uniform, compete with descriptions of teary eyes… and that’s just the adults. Liz and I have got into the new term spirit too: followtheboat is involved in a school project which might be of interest to any parent out there with young children. Some educational audio and visual treats coming soon. Also we might just be contravening some international act with our surreptitious recording of the Royal Navy trading secrets with us in Oman. That’s our exclusive podcast that comes out today. Oh and Liz got shortlisted for another writing comp but we said we wouldn’t bore you with those announcements any more 😉 Anyway, it’s all in the link below.

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Frui Awards FTB Portrait Competition

Those who have been to Turkey may well know this lady… Frui, the creative learning holiday specialist, has awarded followtheboat winner of the August Photography competition. It is held monthly and the theme changes each time. This month’s theme was Portrait and my winning shot features a picture I took in Kekova Roads, Turkey, of an old lady. When I tried to take this shot the lady indicated that she was too old for the camera, saying her face was ‘broken’. I beg to differ; it’s one of the most interesting close-up portraits I’ve taken. Check the link for a peek…

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Dreamy Goan Bus Stop Pic Shortlisted For Telegraph

We’ve yet to publish our blog on our trip to Goa. We spent a few weeks there and Jamie took a lot of pictures which he is still editing. On one trip we stopped off at a tiny village near Shri Mangesh and took a picture of the busy bus-stop. The Telegraph’s Big Picture editor clearly liked it enough to shortlist it for this week’s competition. It’s a wonderful, dreamy HDR (high dynamic range) photograph that captures the late afternoon ambiance of that part of the world.

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Followtheboat Published In ‘Sailing Today’

The first of four articles by followtheboat appears in September’s edition of ‘Sailing Today’, which is available in the shops today! This is the first story that covers the Vasco da Gama rally from Turkey to India. It was written by myself and is accompanied by Jamie’s photographs.

Of course we are very excited about this! It’s a six-page feature and will be rolled out over four editions. This one covers the first part of the rally from Turkey to Egypt. Take a look at the link for more info…

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Followtheboat Wins Telegraph Travel Piece

Well, well, well. Whilst I’ve been busy editing my photographs it seems someone has been secretly submitting her travel writing to the upper echelons of the world of journalism. Clearly setting her sights far higher than the sensationalist tabloid sailing blog she usually writes for, Liz has had her hard work recognised by The Daily Telegraph.

“I am delighted to tell you that your article about sailing has been chosen as the winner in this week’s competition”, Michael Kerr, travel dept editor, said in an email. “Thanks for a lovely little piece”.

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Followtheboat Wins Its First Competition

I’ve been badgering Jamie for some time now to take his photography to the next level. I mean, some of his shots are breath-taking, aren’t they?

Having reluctantly agreed he generously allowed me to do the legwork. I decided to start by entering his work into some competitions, this would start to get his name and work known.

It seems that my nagging is starting to pay off. Firstly, we are going to be published, but more about that exciting news in a future blog. Secondly, he’s just won the first competition he’s ever entered!

Encouraged by his Auntie Chris, we decided to enter one of his photos into The Times Travel Photo Competition.

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