DL Sounds – ‘Get those vibes’

We use DL-Sounds a lot for our audio tracks. They’re a great source of royalty free music and their downtempo/lounge selection is not only extensive but also really good quality. This type of music lends itself perfectly to many of our sailing scenes and ‘Get those vibes’ works perfectly in this week’s video clip.

The Fisherman – ‘Swimming With The Sharks’

Loving this musician called The Fisherman. He’s really prolific and has been putting stuff out for years but this is possibly his most appropriate for our lifestyle. If you can’t see the clip or play it in the website, listen to it here.

Adam Thomas – ‘Loving You, I’m Alive’

We’ve got two great tunes on our latest sailing video diary this week, and this is one of them: an uplifting, light-rock tune by Adam Thomas. Not normally our kind of music but it fits the clip and makes us happy. If you can’t see the clip or play it in the website, listen to it here.

Steve Tack – ‘The Arrival’


Came across this track just now whilst searching for an opening tune for our next video blog update, coming out next Sunday. What do you think of it? It’s to accompany a rather gorgeous sunrise vista: deep pink and purple clouds hanging over Adang island with a crescent moon above, shot at around six in the morning. Flat, calm seas … Read More

Rataxes – Hear Me Out [No Vocal Edit]

Discovered this artist based in Manchester, UK, who’s putting out quite a bit of suitable music for our video updates. We’re thinking gentle seas, balmy evenings and tasty cocktails here. Hoping to add this smooth little deep house number in our next sailing video blog update. Composed by Rataxes.

Vadodora Chill Mix

A real ethnic downtempo treat, this track featured in our tour of Penang video when we did the walk-through of China House. You can catch the whole video here. Composed by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech.