5 Reasons to Be Scared of Sailing

[S03E16] We have had some scary moments over the years, but are they the same as our biggest fears? We go through the top 5 worst things that have happened to us and take a look at what scares you most…

Go straight to the bit you fancy hearing most using these time codes:
00:00 Intro
01:25 Our most recent anchoring nightmare
03:38 Biggest Sailing Fears (poll results)
04:48 Our top 5 worst experiences + lessons learned
05:20 5-Dragging anchors!
13:31 4-Being rundown!
21:38 3-Hitting things!
27:20 2-Losing control because of weather!
32:20 1-Health emergency at sea
36:56 Man overboard
39:42 Boat hit by lightning
42:26 Engine failure
43:17 Daily fears
44:10 Boat on fire
45:06 Don’t get cocky
46:52 Daft fears

Episodes referenced in this chat:
299 – Sailing Indonesia (Delays, Boat Repairs, Storms)
260 – I fell off my boat: Man Overboard (Pt 1)
261 – I fell off my boat: Man Overboard (Pt 2)
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