The Fun Of Finding Help In Remote Places

[S03E10] You’re in a strange place and you don’t speak the language; you need help but you’re isolated and running on adrenaline. Where’s the fun in that?
And is it fair to bring pets or partners on board if they don’t like sailing?
Lots more topics in this week’s podcast…

00:00 Recording from a Coral Triangle Atoll
02:09 How we tackled rigging failure (Ep 294): YOUR COMMENTS
11:24 The fun of finding help in strange places
13:36 Why do we put anchor lights on top of the mast?
17:14 Do the Col-Regs get updated?
19:12 Do you use an anchor ball?
20:36 Are you a new sailor?
23:47 Sailing as you get older
27:23 Have we changed your perception of Southeast Asia?
31:48 Sailing in Islamic countries is FUN!
32:53 How do we get regular prescriptions filled?
37:01 Advice on sailing with pets…and partners!

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