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26 Comments on “CAPTION COMPETITION #3”

  1. A pirates life used to be easy before it became high tech

    A pirates life used to be easy when it was just rape and pillage

    A pirates life: finally the new silencer for my musket has arrived

    Tryouts for the Jimmy Buffett horn section

    This funnel should help me drink more faster

    … so this is what made La Vagabond so popular…?

    The not so smart pirate tales: fool me once (first eye) shame on you… fool me twice (losing the second eye) shame on me…

    Beachcombing used to be so much easier… before all the plastics ;-(

    … if I dressed as a pirate and hold up an obscure red object what will peoples captions be…

    The last known picture of Curious George the pirate

    Surely there must be more in the box

    Even as far back as the pirate days men have been unwilling to read instructions

    …so this is the latest sex craze…

    It’s a pirates life for me… Just as soon as I figure this thing out…

    Thanks guys! I hope I’ve caused you a giggle or two! Fairwinds!

    David H

  2. I rather go blind on one eye and have fun as trying to look good…

    Sorry, my english is bad^^

  3. Liz I got the whiskey. What’s this red thing for. YOU WANT ME TO PUT IT WHERE ????? Keep up the good work .

  4. not all treasure is silver or gold…the problem is not the problem. it’s your attitude about the problem.

  5. “Scotch and a bong, What can go wrong?”, thinks Jamie, the Rhyming Pirate.

    Liz makes Jamie look through the wrong end of the telescope now, since he lost an eye.

  6. Sailor and his whisky pal pleasantly surprised by soulful, jazzy riffs emanating from red signal horn/chillum. Distant beach chair remains unimpressed.

  7. You know you’ve had to much to drink when good sound reasoning goes like this…

    “If I yell into this end and more sound comes out that end, then if I pore my whiskey in this end I’ll get even more whiskey out the other end!”

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