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Deadline Friday 3rd August 2018

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12 Comments on “CAPTION COMPETITION #2”

  1. Woman delighted that man’s heat induced bid to blow bubbles with cool, creamy beverage bombs.

  2. this is absolutely our last frappucino with a plastic straw ,said Liz.Paper straws are awesome says Liz ,on purpose to tease Jamie who hates that word. Jamie responds by playfully blowing the paper cover on the straw at Liz !!

  3. Jamei: “Now we know Liz, a Thai coffee shop is just the same as an Amsterdam coffee shop!

    Lia: “He can’t even find the ****ing boat, so no chance of following it”

  4. Liz Smiled brightly for the picture. The local paper was thrilled to have them onboard for the story about women who sail the world with their down syndrome children.

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