Canaries – Atlantic – Antigua!

Antigua welcomes careful drivers

Antigua welcomes careful drivers

Three hours and forty five minutes before my estimated time of arrival we drop anchor at 6.15am, just in time to watch the sun rise over a beautiful and lush looking island! Cracking open our last bottle of wine we celebrate and congratulate each other on our safe passage which, of course, has been one memorable trip!

And so here I am, sitting at Debbie’s PC aboard ‘Gazelle of Itchenor’, typing up my log and thinking about what happens next. I’ve already been here a week and we’ve got Christmas to look forward to. Christmas, in the sun, on a beach, in the Caribbean!

26This was what the whole trip was all about – to cross the Atlantic from the UK and spend the winter months somewhere warm. So here I am in Falmouth Harbour, south Antigua, having finally achieved my goal. I have a feeling, however, it’s not going to stop here. In case you were interested, Timmy Two survived the entire trip and Tim has found his new vocation in life.

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