Can Someone Please Turn The Oven Down?

Even the chairs were getting hot

Even the chairs were getting hot

In the Aegean some European boat-owners head home for the month of August. Others head further up the coast of Turkey to relax in cooler climes. Us? We just head further south and east where the heat is so stifling life grinds to a halt. Even me, highly strung and not stopping for more than two minutes. Slowing down. Stopping. Stopped. Dead. Swimming most of the day, just to cool off. Drinking lots of cold beer, just to cool off you understand. Sleeping on deck. Fan running all night. Getting up when it gets light. It’s the only way to cope with this heat. Not that I’m complaining, mind. I remember the wettest November on record in Marmaris last year and thinking, as we were patching up leaks on the boat, ‘I can’t wait for summer’. Well here it is. God I wish it would rain.

We’ve been chilling out in some beautiful places though, taking in Kas, Kastelorizon, Kalkan and other places beginning with ‘K’, with plenty of pics to accompany stories of ancient Lycian tombs and angry French cons.  We’ll continue to head east later on this afternoon when we set off for Cyprus. Why Cyprus? Dunno, looks like a laugh.

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