Brits Abroad vs Belgian Toffs

A rather amusing incident occurred today. Due to an administrative cock up with the marina the English power-boat users next to us had been directed to someone else’s berth. That someone else was a rather snotty-nosed Belgian couple in a very expensive yacht who decided to turn up later that morning. Perhaps if it had been BB in their spot a polite and diplomatic exchange would have dealt the situation in a few moments, but because the English family were a bunch of oiks from Poole in a motor boat, the Belgians decided to start a fight. The couple, in their matching polo-neck, boat-branded shirts started accusing the English of everything under the sun. In response the son, a 20-something loud-mouthed chav, shouted back that they weren’t to know they were turning up, and rightly so. They could have come from Germany for all they knew. Well unfortunately there was a slight communication error at this point. The Belgians thought the chav had accused them of being German and so they went off on one big-time. Evidently the German insult thing is not just UK-specific!

Jon and I could have joined in but this incident, which lasted an hour, provided some great entertainment as we polished chrome, fixed things and generally cleaned the boat.

We went out in the evening and filled ourselves with some fantastic French cuisine. In fact it was a 5-course set menu job with a few bottles of rather expensive Bordeaux, which we found next day in the wine cash-and-carry for about €5 a bottle!

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