Finalist in the Bradt/Independent on Sunday Travel Writing Comp

“Dear Liz
   Sorry I didn’t get the chance to speak to you this evening, but I hope your mother passed on the message that you have reached the final of the Bradt/Independent on Sunday travel-writing competition.
   We all liked your entry – an interesting and atmospheric piece of writing. The six finalists now go forward to Matthew Parris to select the final winner, so who knows who that will be. But you should be very proud of yourself – there were a lot of good entries this year.
I’m attaching the invitation to the Awards Evening on July 20 and look forward to seeing you there. Meanwhile crack open the champagne!
   Best wishes,
   Hilary Bradt”

When I opened this email, in deepest Devon last weekend, you could’ve knocked me down with a feather. As an aficionado of travel comps (my hit rate is less than 50%) I have come to realise that this is probably the cream of the crop. To be one of the six finalists has come as a huge surprise and gives me tremendous encouragement to carry on learning and improving. These top entries are now available to read on the Bradt website, so if you have a few spare minutes please have a read, of mine (Searching For Mermaids) and the others (all excellent) — they’re less than 800 words each.

Any feedback would be gratefully received.

With the promise of ‘wine and light bites’ you can guarantee J and I are looking forward to the awards shindig. We’ll report back.


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12 Comments on “Finalist in the Bradt/Independent on Sunday Travel Writing Comp”

  1. This makes me very proud. Of all the writing comps Liz has entered this one is the most prestigious. To get shortlisted to the final six entries is an incredible achievement, especially as she was up against professional, published writers. Bravo!

    1. Thanks Jamie! Yes, they’ve put the finalists’ entries on-line now. So, if you can be bothered, it’s available to read (along with the other five, all excellent) by clicking on the followtheboat link above. Still pinching myself.

  2. What an utterly incredible piece of writing! I was absolutley enchanted! So brillliant and descriptive, was desperate for you too see a Dugong! Would definatley read a book if you wrote one! Congratulations, you have such a talent for writing! ♥

    1. Thanks for the positive comments, everyone, really lovely to read them.
      @ Fiona — hope we can meet up while we are over. xx

  3. Well done Liz. The image of Jamie navigating by sight through the seat of his pants will stay with me forever!

  4. I sent my good wishes via email, but feel I must again add my sincere congratulations. I have just re-read ‘Searching for Mermaids’ and it’s everything a good travel piece should be. Well constructed, a good yarn, fantastic imagery, dialogue and a sting in the tale. You actually saw one!
    I have a feeling that you might win with this Liz. I’m all on edge for you and am sending out good vibes!

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