Bodrum And Across The Top Of Kara Ada

bodrumstart-mustafaHaving got quite pally with my neighbour Mustafa it was only natural that I should invite him along on my next trip, which was to be a simple sail across the top of Kara Ada. We were to be joined by Salih and Bilge, two local Turks who Liz and I have befriended through Nilgun. It was good for Mustafa that they joined as it meant he had someone to speak Turkish to!

The trip itself was fairly straightforward, though there was a distinct lack of wind. Strange how the flag on top of the hill looked like it was billowing in a good 15 knots of wind, only for it to die as soon as we got Esper’s sails up! May be it was my rubbish sail trim or maybe it was the land mass around us affecting the wind but we only ever got up to just over 6 knots, and that was with Salih pointing in the wrong direction!

Still it was great fun and of course the weather was there to keep morale up. There’s not much more too it than that, so that’s all we’ll say for the moment.

Bilge expresses her feelings on Jamie's sail trim technique

Bilge expresses her feelings on Jamie's sail trim technique

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