Boat Yard Work | Would you vinyl wrap a sailboat?

Boat Yard | Wrapping up before dropping back in!

Like most people, we like to get to know our neighbours when we’re in a boat yard. And we love to have a good nose around.


Two plots up from us, a sailboat was having its topsides vinyl-wrapped, something we had never considered before. The process was cheap, quick and not at all messy. Unlike spray-painting, there’s no need for masks or protective clothing, and you don’t need to build a tent around the boat to avoid spraying your neighbour. The result looked pretty sweet.

Do you have any experience of vinyl-wrapping? Would you consider vinyl-wrapping your boat?

boat yard

Watermaker maintenance

Our watermakers is an essential piece of kit for the remote cruising we like to do, so we take good care of our Schenker Zen 30.

Before we dropped back in, Jamie replaced the membranes and gave the whole system a thorough service. But don’t make the same mistake that hee made when he tapped the membranes back in; he nearly lost a nipple!


At the time of writing, it’s still Ramadan over here in Indonesia, which means our days are quiet. Most of our friends on land are grabbing some sleep. But after sundown, they wake up to eat and work through the night!

sailboat haul out methods

Next week is Eid-al-fitr (the feast of fast-breaking) when Muslims around the world commemorate the end of the holy month of Ramadan. It’s a time of joy and celebration. When the fast has broken it’s time to share sweets and gifts, spend time with friends, and visit the graves of your family.

Morning walks

During our time at Medana Bay Marina, we made lots of new friends, but there were none we loved more than our gang of four dogs. As if we needed an excuse, it was walking on the beach twice a day with them that kept us fit and happy. The dawn was our favourite time of day in the boat yard.

Boat yard
Sunrise over Mt Rinjani
Boat yard
Early morning and flat water
Boat yard
Sailboats and fishing boats at anchor

The night before we dropped back into the water, Jamie took an evening stroll around our local fishing village where he stumbled upon a wake…

Boat Yard

Behind the nearby mosque he came across what at first glance appeared to be a party, but turned out to be a wake.

Boat Yard

In local culture, death is seen as a transitional phase where a person has to pass through in order to reach the next level of existence.

Boat Yard

The ceremonies, which continue for a week after the burial, are shared among family and friends, who are encouraged to bring gifts like eggs, rice and cooking oil. These go towards the preparation of a large feast known as a selamatan.

Boat yard

Peace and fair winds!

Liz and Jamie xx

Check out the video for lots more detail…

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