Big Fish Little Fish–fishing in Thailand

It was time to head south to the boat yard to make repairs to Esper, but Ko Ha was so starkly beautiful it was difficult to leave.

We ate the fat grouper which American caught with his spear gun, along with some tasty bream Liz picked out of the water with her fishing rod. Millie was delighted and everyone feasted on the delicious meat.

Next morning we said goodbye to our new friends, American and Alicia, in the knowledge that we would certainly meet again. Ours is a transitory existence, and we have become used to folk sailing into and out of our lives, but there are some people we befriend who we know are keepers.

With no wind and flat seas we made the passage south with the engine. There was a lot of debris in the water, mostly huge logs which we imagined had been dislodged by the combination of spring tide and storms. It was disconcerting and we were glad that the sea was now flat, making it easy to spot any unusual objects.

Full of fish

Full of fish

We arrived back at beautiful Ko Rok, the same point where we had broken the passage on our way north from Langkawi. It was as serene and scenic as we remembered and this time we were able to quickly find our old mooring buoy and get settled for the night. Within minutes Liz had the fishing line over the side, wondering if the brothers of the particularly tasty bream she had caught last time were gathered in the same spot. Sure enough, the first one was in her bucket within minutes, Millie’s eyes latched to it.

One of the great things about this lifestyle is having the time to cook. We share galley duties, both loving to spend time experimenting with new ingredients in dishes inspired by the places we visit. Tonight it was Jamie’s turn to knock up a fish stew…

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