Well, bloody well! Our best sail yet. In the world. Ever.

A cursory glance at the log book gives it away:

0700        Weigh anchor
0925        Engine off, broad reach, hit 8.2kn SOG (speed over ground) – record!
0940        9.1 knots SOG
0950        9.2 knots SOG
1040        Tuna caught!
1130         10.1 knots SOG
1200        10.7 knots SOG
1215         Dolphins sighted
1320         At anchor, 40 nautical miles later, averaging over 6 knots!

Don’t really need to say more, do I?

I should just mention the approach to this anchorage. On paper and on the screen it looks a little hairy. In real life it is even more so because the reef that one is supposed to avoid is not visible until it is too late and the sensible approach has you pointing at an old rig stuck in 7m of water. Weirdly one ends up an anchor in the middle of the sea, so to speak, and so I sit here writing this pointing north, with the Sinai on my right and tens of oil rigs silhouetted against the late afternoon sun on my left. Not your average anchorage.

Baby tuna. Very tasty.
Baby tuna. Very tasty.

This evening should see Liz and myself gorging ourselves on griddled tuna steaks.

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