Best Photo of Esper…Ever!

This photograph was taken by Andre of ‘O Kayam’. They were alongside when we decided to get the cruising chute out. Fortunately they happened to be there at the right moment because the chute was only up for a few minutes: as you can see by the white crests of the waves it was getting a little bit too breezy to be flying the thing, and of course the purists amongst you will note the slight kink in the sail.

Still, look at those deep, rich, red Sinai mountains! A stunning photograph, even if I say so myself. Thank you Andre!

Source: Andre Tournis

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12 Comments on “Best Photo of Esper…Ever!”

  1. In this wonderful life there are rare moments called WOW factors….guys this is one!
    Love MOLI x

  2. you’re totally right as it’s an amazing picture – you lucky people you!!

    All the happiness for 2010!

    Rachel x

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