Best bathroom in Borneo?

We found the best bathroom in Borneo just when Jamie needed it most. Ever suffered from the Aztec two-step? The backdoor trots, the runs, Montezuma’s revenge? Where was the worst place it happened to you, tell us your story!

Not just any toilet would do, with Jamie’s grumbling tummy we needed the best. And we found a sweet bathroom in a tiny but perfect chalet on a beach belonging to the ‘Beachaven’ [sic] Chalets resort at Kota Belud in Sabah.

After a short sail from the island of Mantanani (if you missed last week’s episode, click here to watch it) we arrived on the spectacular shores of Kota Belud. This place is unique in its beauty. Until we came here, we had never heard of it and we suspect that most people don’t know about it either.

Best bathroom in Borneo?

View across the bay to the interior of Borneo. SY Esper all alone at anchor.

With Mount Kinabalu towering over 4,000m on one side and the blue South China Sea on the other, we reckon it’s paradise.

We’ve been struggling with Jamie’s cochlear viral infection for the last few weeks, but the strong steroids seem to be working finally, so we’re hoping he will be given a clean bill of health at hospital next week.

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How are you? Is May bringing you sunshine or showers?

Full lockdown here means we’re back where we were a year ago, but at least we have been granted new visas, which will keep us good until the end of the year. Then what? We don’t know yet…

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Peace and fair winds
Liz and Jamie

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2 Comments on “Best bathroom in Borneo?”

  1. “Where was the worst place it happened to you, tell us your story!” Everywhere in Asia and usually when we have eaten western food. One Imodium is good, two is better and three permanent. Not my story, but a friend got caught very short and raced to the toilet. With the slimmest of margins he dropped his strides and backed into the toilet and let rip, so to speak. After he was finished he was most embarrassed to find that the toilet was already occupied. He was half way through a sincere apology, when the occupant of the toilet told him “not to worry, I managed to pull your trousers back up just in time”

    1. Hehehe! Good point about the western food though. At least you know the locals are eating the local food without issue. We tend to stick to local… unless it’s pizza.

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