Are Indonesians the most beautiful people in the world?

The Most Beautiful People in the World?

We’re tucked up at anchor once again as the storm clouds come rolling in overland during this transition period when the weather is always irritable until the coming monsoon settles in.

While anchored at Tarakan, Kalimantan, we took some time off (after some difficult sailing) to relax and explore.

We have never been welcomed before with such enthusiasm and openness.

Are Indonesians The Most Beautiful People in the World?

In the town, mangroves and fishing villages, we were greeted with smiles and laughter. Random people in the street on foot, riding bicycles, in cars or trucks, on scooters, and others from boats shouted: “Hello Mister” (at both of us). But nowhere was the welcome more enthusiastic than from the women in the laundry.

We felt like A-list celebrities!

Watch the video to see every single face in the above image appear. Can you spot them?

  • The beauty of the Indonesian people
  • Getting to grips with Tarakan
  • The mangrove of Tarakan
  • Jamie’s birthday with friends
  • Churches and fishing villages
  • Seaweed farming
  • Wonky bridge crossing
  • OSD Laundry – Best in Tarakan

Here’s to warm welcomes from strangers!

And here’s the episode…

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